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Windows 8 – Start button

December 19, 2012

According other bloggers, regular computer users have no clue how to deal with changes. Maybe this is a blog for them to learn before they write?

Start Button

It’s interesting to read all of the reviews about Windows 8. It’s really amazing to me that people would spend so much time talking about the start button disappearing. News flash…it’s not really gone. Instead of going to the bottom left corner of the screen to click on a button that does nothing…there really is another way. Please just deprogram the click response. Remove the wasted click motion from your brain (click did nothing…provided no value).

Let’s make this easy. In the same mind exploding way Apple did by moving the headphone jack. Instead of going to the left corner, you can go to the right corner. True, there is no button, so you can save your click. But, now, move up just like you always have when clicking on start, programs (or some other combination). Instead just move up and viola, it’s the start menu. You can select programs, search, go to control panel, shutdown etc. I guess it is far too difficult to simply say, “the start button is now on the right, instead of the left”? I know it’s mind blowing, but really. Get over it (bloggers). The start menu is now on the right.

Oh, by the way, what’s even better is that you don’t have to go to programs to find what you want (90% of the time) because the program you want is already pinned right in front of you. In fact, anything you install automatically gets pinned, so if it’s not something you want to use regularly, unpin it and use the search like I just outlined. That’s right. Imagine the difficulty of finding the tile on the homepage instead of going through the old start menu which shows you the exact same thing. Really mind blowing, isn’t it? Ready, here’s the game for Windows 8. Keep things you want to use frequently on your start screen. Things you don’t use frequently, unpin. But remember, since you don’t use it often, don’t cry. You need to go to the “start/programs” on the RIGHT!

One more thing, when you are on the home page and you want to find something, just start typing. Don’t waste the time going to the new start menu (remember, it’s on the right now). Instead, just type. Any program you want. Or, anything you want to find on any app you have installed. For instance, you type “Windows 8 review” and it will show up in your search window. What you see is that instantly, it searched your computer to tell you if you had a file, or app with that name. Now, simply click on Internet explorer and just like that it searches the web. Click on the store and wow, imagine that, it searches the app store.

Menu – Configuring your apps just got so much easier

Do you remember when you were running applications on any prior version of Windows? Mac? IOS? Android device? When you wanted to change the configuration for the application, how did you figure it out? After all, previously, configuring an application was completely dependent on the application you were using. Somewhere in the file menu, well, maybe in the control panel. Err, scratch that, I think it was properties before launching the app. Here’s the thing, you figured it out. But, there was no part of figuring it out that actually made sense. Now, things are different. Anytime you are running an app, go to the “start button” on the right. This menu (the charms) are always in context of the app you are running. Imagine, the thing you have spread across your screen is what you really meant to have there. Now, you want to modify the settings, it’s there. On every app, in the same place. If you want to return to the start menu, take the same action and click the big Windows icon in the middle of the screen. If you want to configure your app, the options are always there. Seriously? That is more difficult than hunting to find the property settings for old apps?

I am not going to go any further in describing the left side of the screen. It would be far too confusing to point out that nearly all future devices will come as touchscreen devices and as such, swiping from the side is completely simple and intuitive (switching apps for example). Let’s just let this settle in. After reading all of the other blogs, I know it’s really mind blowing that the start button is now on the right. But, after you recognize how simple it really is, well, everything else just seems, well, just easy.


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  1. This is a topic that is near to my heart… Cheers! Exactly
    where are your contact details though?

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