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Microsoft Surface – Turn it the other way

December 22, 2012

I was going through and reading some reviews yesterday. It was interesting that some reviewers made comments that the Surface was uncomfortable to use in portrait mode. In particular, they suggested that they always hit the home button when doing so. Now, I realize that most of the reviewers have about 1 week’s worth of experience with a device and thus let’s just say many of their complaints are, well, silly. However, this one kind of got me fired up because if a person experiences that problem and can’t figure out the solution then seriously, I suggest you take their article discard it quickly. The truth is, you run the risk of losing IQ points for reading the article.

Here you go ready? Turn the device the other way. That’s right. When you hold the device and turn it to landscape mode, you can turn the Windows button to the opposite side of where you would like to hold the device. Please note the same can be said for portrait mode. If you are holding the device, it is incredibly easy to adjust the device by moving the home/Windows button to the opposite side. The screen will automatically adjust and all will be right with the world.

I also realize for most people, this particular issue is not a problem because if you happen to hit the button on accident, a simple swipe from the left brings your app right back to the front of the screen. However, if you happen to be an individual with banana fingers and you can’t seem to avoid hitting the button, turn it the other way.

Note: If you happen to be one of the intellectually challenged reviewers of the product, don’t feel bad. I get it if you want to delete your review out of shame or embarrassment. Instead, in the future just come here and see if I already have something written, you can copy at no additional charge.


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