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Nokia Lumia 920

December 28, 2012

I have been using the 920 now for about a month. Recently, I had the iPhone 4S, the HTC EVO and the Lumia 900. Compared to these phones, the Lumia 920 really is an incredible phone. It’s faster, more customizable and it takes fantastic pictures and videos.

It would be simple to walk through and through side-by-side comparisons show someone why the Lumia 920 is a better phone than, well, pretty much everything else on the market; however, again, I would prefer to stay out of the comparison contest. Instead, I would prefer to focus on the 920.


I selected the black 920. From an aesthetic perspective, I like the way the screen curves into the side and just kind of blends from screen into phone body. The curved gorilla glass makes the device seem so incredibly smooth when swiping across the screen. Simply put, the 920 has a beautiful clear black display that really does put it at the top of the list. Not that this matters to me, but the pixel density is better than the new iPhone 5. For me, getting into the technical nuance kind of makes no sense. Just as I feel the difference between the Surface and the Ipad is irrelevant, I also feel that the improvement the 920 has over the iPhone 5 is irrelevant. Still, you can know this, there isn’t another phone on the market that has a nicer screen than the 920.


You will definitely read reviews where people talk about the weight of the 920. Of course, those are the same individuals that will run out and get the iPhone, but stick it in a big gaudy case that makes it bigger and less appealing. Here’s the thing, the 920 is bigger, but the body is also so sturdy that you will not need to run out and get a case for it.

Admittedly, when I went to pick up a new Windows phone, I did compare the 920 to the HTC 8X. The 8X has a smaller screen, but it just feels so small compared to the 920. For myself, I actually preferred the feel of the 920 because it felt solid in my hand. That being said, I wouldn’t disagree with anyone if they thought the feel and look of the 8X was nicer than the 920. I will provide more on that in my 8X review.

Overall, the body of the 920 is very attractive. It’s not as beautiful as the original Lumia 800 purely because the screen size when from 3.8 inches to 4.5 inches. However, the curved gorilla glass and the solid unibody design make for a great choice.


Windows phone 8 is, like it’s predecessor, very smooth. When it comes to the software everything just works. If you can recall the days of Windows mobile, it’s safe to say those days are gone. If you really need to have a device that responds to swipes by stuttering or potentially, if you need the install apps that don’t work, well, you will need to use an Android phone. When it comes to the new Windows Phone software the experience very much similar to the smoothness of an iPhone. However, the interface begs you to do more than simply loading page after page of apps.

The Windows Phone interface is very similar to the new Windows 8 and the new Xbox interface. The live tiles allow you to really customize your home screen by pinning the things you care about. Because the tiles bring forward current news, it is a great interface that allows apps to share important information all the time. Instead of randomly clicking on a news app, as an example, instead by scanning the live tiles, you already have a good sense of what’s happening since pictures or headlines from breaking news are present. The same benefit of live tiles are experienced across people/friends, email, calendar, weather, music, you name it. the live tiles provide an interface which makes the phone uniquely yours.

Unlike the predecessor, Windows Phone 7, the new Windows Phone 8 allows you to customize each tile into different sizes. While this may not seem like a big deal, when it comes to personalization, it makes a huge difference. Overall, the Windows Phone software is unique and truthfully, like many other parts of the new OS, it just works. It’s faster than the old way of using a phone because it brings information to you from the home screen. Consider the efficiency in that process. How would you normally decide which app to open? Do you surf news sites? If so, which news sites? Do you go through a Facebook app to look for info there? How about Twitter, or Linked IN? The beauty of the live tiles is that it provides you with a glimpse of what is happening so that you can better get into the things you care about. The entire phone experience has this sort of efficiency built in.

Consider text messaging. Today, if you are on Facebook, your friends might try to send you an instant message via FB chat. How about if you are using Linked IN and your contacts message you? With a Windows phone, you go to the messaging hub and right there, you have it all in one thread. How beautiful, you see all of the communication in a single thread. In fact, if you want to communicate with someone, you can even click on a little button to see their online status across the social sites. This allows you to ping the person where they are. Further, in the same place, with the contact card, you can see all communication, text, chat, calls, and email in one spot.

App Store

The app store conversation is a bit like getting into pixel density. Here’s the deal, there are over 150k apps in the Windows Phone store. The truth is, most people install something less than 50 apps. In nearly every review, you will see someone regurgitate the line that many apps are missing. What they won’t do is actually identify the apps. You see, the truth is, you will have all the apps you need plus some. It is true that the app might have a different name. It is also true that some apps may be better or worse than their iPhone or Android equivalent, but the apps are there. If you are like me, you will even quit going out and looking for new apps, instead waiting for writers to review and app and if it sounds like a good idea, you may check it out.

One other interesting point, the method for counting apps is different between app stores. Consider that in the Apple or Android store, you cannot try an app before buying. That means that the trial version of the app is a different version than the paid version. This is not the case with the Windows Phone. In the Windows Phone app store apps can be “tried” and simply upgraded through the buy process.


All I can say here is wow. This phone is really great for a pocket camera. On the phone itself, pictures look great; however, what happens when you send the pictures to a larger screen? By default, pictures are synchronized to the SkyDrive. The SkyDrive app on the Xbox means that you can see your pictures on the big screen with no effort. The pictures were just as good. They were amazingly clear. The bottom line is the Lumia has the best camera of any smartphone on the market today.


If you use your phone as a communication device first, then the Windows Phone is a great choice. Simply put, it’s quicker, smoother and easier to use than any other phone on the market. If you like the feel of a solid phone that looks great and won’t require the crazy case to cover the phone, then the 920 is a great choice.


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  1. tom permalink

    I have noticed that some of your recent posts have more than one font. In the post above, it seems that every other paragraph is a different font. This is jarring to me as I read.
    I have enjoyed your writing and continue to read your posts but would appreciate a more consistent presentation.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I found the problem and I believe it’s fixed now.


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    I was able to find good info from your content.

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