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Fujitsu – Windows 8 Complaint – Seriously?

December 29, 2012

Looking through some articles, I saw the comments made by the Fujitsu CEO and basically, they have agreed there is no bump for Windows 8. On the surface, this report could seem concerning. However, as I read the comments, I realized that recently I have done some shopping at Best Buy along with a few other major IT retailers. Off the top of my head, I couldn’t recall a single Fujitsu device. In fairness, I may have seen them, I just didn’t remember any of them.

As I was thinking about it, I went out to the Best Buy website and what did I see? Well, for starters, Fujitsu had 10 Windows based laptops and only two devices were touch enabled. The two devices:


I am not going to say that these devices are not good. But, I am going to say, when you come to market with this as your “bet on Windows 8”, you are getting what you deserve.

Folks, the reality is we are in the post-pc era. What does that mean? It means we will have a convergence of mobile devices and PC’s. The line between a tablet, a desktop computer and a phone really are becoming blurred. It also means that manufacturers like Fujitsu need to have a clue what they are doing because their nearly $2k tablet computer is competing with a bunch of devices that can do more, with a longer battery life all while being significantly lighter and smaller. Oh, by the way, realize that both of the Fujitsu devices at Best Buy are still advertised with Windows 7! Let me get this straight, Fujitsu isn’t seeing  bump in sales when they are actively selling 0 Windows 8 touchscreen devices available through Best Buy? (Sarcasm) I am shocked! How about you?

When you think about it, this is exactly why Microsoft had to jump into the hardware business. You have a new OS that is completely capable of touch friendliness surpassing many of the top IOS/Android tablets on the market and Fujitsu’s answer, don’t change a thing. I guess if you don’t look at the devices they are making, you could take the analysis review as a knock on Windows 8. But seriously, even with Windows 7, the best selling OS the planet has ever seen, anyone think the two devices above would have seen tremendous success? Ridiculous! 



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  1. win-dows8 provide access to a new bunch of win software known as Windows Store apps. As the name suggest, these applications are marketed by Microsoft windows store. Microsoft states that these apps have been developed for touchscreen devices mainly but they can still run on desktop PCs too.

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