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January 20, 2013

I have added a couple short videos so that you can see how smoothly the handwriting works using the Adonit Stylus and Microsoft Onenote

RGH Post-PC News

Years ago Steve Jobs suggested that if a tablet device needed a stylus, it was a failed device. It was this thinking that really led to a change in how people perceived and used tablets. It’s why the IOS devices propelled the market for tablets even though Bill Gates correctly recognized the pending change to the PC market 10 years earlier.

I agree with Job’s suggestion 99% of the time. If a tablet requires a stylus then the tablet is really a failure. However, when the form factor of a tablet so closely resembles the same pad of paper you would have normally used to take notes in a meeting, jot down your shopping list, or potentially to sit in a classroom lecture and take notes, it is undeniable that there are times when a tablet really does fail when it can’t be used with a stylus.

Microsoft has been the leader…

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