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February 4, 2013

This is a really important subject as we head into 2013. I had several blog posts around the same time and this kind of got covered with other topics, so I am re-blogging it.

RGH Post-PC News

The Post-PC era is upon us. It’s not something that is coming. It’s not something that may happen. It’s here! Guess what? Microsoft is leading the way. I know, I know. If you have been reading other blogs, you might say, “What are you talking about? Microsoft is getting killed! Windows Phone is a failure and Windows 8 is doing worse than Vista”.

To get things started, let’s look at the install base for PC’s, tablets and mobile phones. In the post-pc era we are saying that the PC market which has been running between 400-450M sales per year will be dwindling and the tablet market which is expected to be around 100M will grow significantly. At the same time, smartphone sales will also continue exponential growth in coming years. Over the past three years the recent Garner report shows the trends clearly.

If we look at the numbers for Apple devices…

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