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New Series – Application Reviews for Windows 8/RT

February 21, 2013

I am about to start a series of articles to review applications I have found to be useful and not so useful on my Microsoft Surface RT.

If you have any specific apps you would like to see reviewed, or if you are looking for an app to accomplish a specific task, let me know and I will see what I can do.

On my short-list, I will review the following applications this week and into next:

Touchdown – an Email application that replaces Outlook for Windows RT. Additionally, for organizations that need strict security around email, Touchdown is a really great solution. There are some problems, but for starters, it provides capabilities that should have been available from Outlook out of the box.

Note Anytime – This is a note taking app. It doesn’t have the full capabilities of Office Onenote, but it does have a string of features that make it a really great application. It includes software palm blocking and it includes the ability to seamlessly move from inking to using your fingers to adjust the page. Both are features that should have been included in Onenote, but no luck.

File Brick – This is a file management solution. It will pull together all of your cloud storage, local storage and network storage into a single solution. Truthfully, this app has gotten better since it’s initial release, but it has made it very possible to use a Windows 8/RT device without needing the to launch the old desktop app to manage the file system. Simply put, you can manage your files and move them from any location…

Youtube Downloader – This is a great app if you need to pull videos or music from Youtube. In fact, this app allows you to find any video and save it as audio only. More to come, but again, this is a really great app.


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  1. David Memphis MOJO Smith permalink

    I have a Surface, so I look forward to the series.

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